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The RV Sticker Club!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Morgan and Ashley in front of one of their rental Shastas

Morgan and Ashley of Nashville, Tennessee aren’t your usual RV-lifers. Not only are these USAF Veterans addicted to travel, but they are none other than the official Instagram account owners of the RV Sticker Club, a community among RVers who trade stickers with other camping enthusiasts, using the hashtag #rvstickerclub. They are also well known on Instagram as owners of a RV and tent rental business named The Flying Ham (a hilarious twist on the Shasta trailer’s ‘canned ham’ nickname) and for bringing an additional level of fun to the camping community.

Having been a RV Sticker Club member for nearly half a year (and run out of space to showcase my stickers to boot), I was over the moon when Morgan and Ashley said yes to my interview request.

FTC: Can you tell us about your about yourselves and your RV?

TFH: “We have three 2015 Shasta Airflyte campers! We bought them brand new in 2015 and started our own business called The Flying Ham. We're based in Nashville, TN and we rent out the Shasta campers as well as bell tents! We're both USAF Veterans and we love to travel with our 2 boys! Read more about us and The Flying Ham on our website!”

Birthday Glamp with The Flying Ham

FTC: How long ago did you set it up your sticker club and what inspired the idea?

TFH: “We saw that people were trading RV Stickers on Instagram using #RVSTICKERCLUB, so we decided to start the official account to help showcase all the stickers and keep it organized! We really started promoting and posting stickers January 2020. We also made a webpage and an official #RVSTICKERCLUB sticker.”

FTC: How many people are part of this epic movement?

TFH: “Since Jan 2020, the RVStickerClub account has received over 1,300 followers! We're not sure how many people are actually trading in the group, and we continue to get new followers daily.”

The Flying Ham collectible sticker

FTC: That’s an incredible growth for just six months! I’m aware that as business owners, being leaders of an online community like this certainly does help you get the word out for your rental business as well. It’s an ingenious and fun way to network with who will likely be top clients or the best word of mouth referrals (not to mention, it’s really enjoyable). If someone wanted to start something similar in their niche, what advice would you give?

TFH: “Just have fun with it! This is about making connections and enjoying a common interest.”

FTC: You know it’s time and I have to ask… What was your first camping experience like?

TFH: “We took our boys tent camping and we loved it so much! We bought our first camper a week after that! We loved our little 16ft camper so much, we bought 2 more campers a month after that and started The Flying Ham.”

FTC: When did you know RV life was for you?

TFH: “We use our camper for traveling cross country. It's so much easier in a camper than stopping at hotels. We knew RV life was perfect for our adventurous family!”

FTC: I can certainly vouch for that. We feel the same about our HC1, Fern! What's next in your life adventure?

TFH: “We drive to Montana every winter and summer. So, we're looking forward to our yearly summer trip from Nashville, TN to Montana!”

FTC: That’s a pretty epic road trip for twice a year. Any new things planned for RV Sticker Club?

TFH: “It would be great to get a list of all the members in the club, just to see how many we actually have!”

It certainly would be! If you are interested in following Ashley and Morgan’s adventures, you can find them on Instagram @flyinghamrentals, on their website HERE and on Facebook @theflyingham. They also have an official #RVSTICKERCLUB sticker for sale on the club’s website HERE.

Have fun out there!

Happy Camping!

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